StretchStrap STR power and superpower

It represents the new generation of power and super power stretch film. It is produced from innovative raw materials that are co-extruded multilayer on high technology lines.

It is used on the wrapping machines with prestretch group, from the most simple to the most complex system.

The film has a very good clarity and its high pre-stretch capacity, force of tightening and puncture resistance, make it compatible for any type of goods palletised in full-automatic mode. In spite of low thicknesses, StretchStrap STR power and superpower films provide the same wrapping tightness and stability as the best traditional films, but at lower costs.

Available thickness: 9 my, 10 my, 11 my, 12 my, 13 my and 15 my.
Depending on the thickness, StretchStrap STR power has an elongation between 250% and 270% and StretchStrap STR superpower has an elongation between 300% and 350%.



For a demonstration, please fill out the offer request form with the TEST specification.

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