Agricultural stretch film

Agricultural stretch film

It is a film for packaging the hay and the lucerne for storage purposes.

Made from the finest raw materials, with the latest technology, it provides superior silo quality even in extreme conditions such as: high temperatures, wind, dust and high humidity.

Film characteristics:

– It is rolled on special cardboard tubes with a weatherproof coating.
– It has excellent elasticity and superior puncture resistance.
– Can be used on all types of agricultural machinery.
– Due to the 80% elongation, the foil has a very good yield.
– Offers an optimal oxygen barrier.
– Thanks to high quality components and additives, the foil does not affect the quality of the hay and lucerne, does not harm the environment and is 100% recyclable.
– Adhesive film seals hermetically the lucerne and the hay. The adhesive does not contain PIB, which means that no adhesive is deposited on the rollers of the agricultural machinery.
– The rolls can be used for more than one season.
– Provides UV protection for 12 months after packaging.
– It is water resistant.
– Provides the best silo quality due to the sealing and adhesion of the layers of film between them.

  Roll characteristics:

Width: 500 mm or 750 mm;
Length: 1500 m;
Available colors: dark green, light green, black, white.


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