About our company

Our goal:

Through our packaging solutions, we seek to optimize the cost of quality in the industrial packaging process.
Our goal is that each client becomes our partner and together we find the most effective solutions that help him meet his packaging needs.

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About our company

Straparo – is a dynamic company that offers technical and innovative solutions in the field of industrial packaging.
With a professional team and customer-oriented philosophy, STRAPARO has a clear mission: to optimize the cost of quality in the final packaging process.

This customer-oriented philosophy is based on a simple principle “Doing more with less!” and is being implemented through a full range of innovative and competitive products with logistics services at high standards, a professional sales and production team, all embedded in one name: STRAPARO.

Our goal of maximizing benefits by minimizing material consumption, makes Straparo solutions have a minimal environmental impact through 100% recyclable products and by reducing the amount of waste resulting from industrial packaging.

1. Our mission and philosophy

Our mission is to evolve by always protecting what is essential.

We believe in mutual success, so we aim to gain the trust of our clients for long-term collaborations.

2. Our services

We offer our clients complete services:

  • consulting and auditing to identify the right solution for each customer application in order to reduce costs and increase quality in the packaging process;
  • post-sale support. Our specialists ensure at all times during the use of STRAPARO products, that the technical solution proposed to the customer ensures the best cost-benefit ratio in the final packaging process;
  • logistics services storage and delivery prompt throughout the country;
  • technical support:

– installation and maintenance of packing machines during the warranty and post-warranty period;

– when using manual packing devices;

– to improve the packaging mode;

  • availability of spare parts in stock for packaging machines and devices.

3. Certifications

The high quality of our products and services is guaranteed by standards ISO 9001:2015 si FSC® , but the best guarantee is the long-term partnerships that we manage to establish with our clients.

“Look for our FSC®-certified products”


Offered benefits

Our goal is to transpose technological innovation into direct customer benefits.

Offered benefits

Our goal is to transpose technological innovation into direct customer benefits.

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Solutions tailored to customer needs

Customer needs inspire us and determine us to innovate continuously

Correct prices

Correct prices are the foundation of our strategy

Constant in the quality of products

Superior raw materials are the guarantee for quality of STRAPARO products

Certified products

ISO standards certify the quality of our products


Immediate response to customer requests by making the right decisions

Long term partnerships

We believe in long-term partnerships and mutual benefits

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