Edgeboard protectors

Edgeboard protectors

These edgeboard protectors are rigid, multilayered, pressed cardboards, used to protect the edges of the product, to increase pallet stability and stacking resistance.
These can be: standard, with high moisture resistance, autoadhesive, personalized.

Profile types:
– V or L profile – They have the role in the angular protection of the product / pallet edges;
– W profile – They have the role in protecting the round or arched edges of the product;
– flat profile  – They can be used as spacers during stacking.

The edgeboard protectors are custom-made and available in a wide range of sizes. Being produced according to the ISO 9001:2015 standards and are 100% recyclable. A suitable profile will be recommended based on an individual study of each customer’s application, depending on the resistance to the forces it is subjected to. The final product is tested by our rigorous control of quality and rigidity.


For a recommendation of the right edgeboard protectors, consult our sales team.

V profile

W profile

Flat profile

Manual guillotine for cutting edgeboard protectors V / W

Very ergonomic and safe edgeboard protector cutter, V / W profile, at the desired length.

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